1. Delivery time

Orders for hats that are on stock will be carried out on the next working day. Custom-made huts, sewn according to your order are delivered in the following time: 

1st quarter of the year – in 8 weeks, 
2nd quarter of the year – in 8 weeks, 
3rd quarter of the year – in 8 weeks, 
4th quarter of the year – in 9 weeks.

This time is calculated starting from the moment a pattern is approved by a customer. In most cases the order is carried out significantly faster than the times mentioned above. 

2. Payment

New customers – cash or pre-payment, 
regular customers – bank transfer once the product is delivered.

3. Delivery

The costs of our products is calculated without delivery. However, we will happily make any required delivery arrangements, the costs of which will be borne by the customer.

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